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“WORLD.MINDS is an intellectual oasis.”
Paul RomerNobel laureate in economics, former Chief Economist at the World Bank
“WORLD.MINDS is a GREAT community!”
General David Petraeus, US ArmyFormer Director of the CIA, Former Commander of the Surge in Iraq
“WORLD.MINDS is indispensable to the intellectual vibrancy of our society.”
Prof. Gerd GigerenzerDirector, Max Planck Institute, Berlin
“A community like no other — unparalleled, unrivaled.”
Georges KernCEO and owner, Breitling
“If your interests extend beyond your own field, WORLD.MINDS is a must.”
Marc PollefeysDirector, Microsoft AI Lab
“WORLD.MINDS is one of the smartest, most vibrant and most inspiring communities I know.”
Marc ForsterFilmmaker and Screenwriter, “The Kite Runner” and James Bond “Quantum of Solace”
“An incredibly stimulating community!”
Dr. Christoph FranzChairman, Roche
“What an AMAZING community.”
Dr. Chris MasonProfessor of Physiology and Biophysics, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York
“The density of fascinating people at WORLD.MINDS is unparalleled.”
Dr. Ed BoydenProfessor of Neuroscience McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT
“An excellent community to break out of your daily professional life.”
Dr. Thomas BuberlGlobal CEO, AXA


WORLD.MINDS is a community of 1000 individuals who are making proven contributions in science, the arts, business and government. Our goal is to improve the quality of our decisions as private individuals, role models and citizens of this planet – and to inspire others to do so.

WORLD.MINDS is about the exchange of insights. No ideology. No corporate small talk.

WORLD.MINDS is an invitation-only community. We do not take applications to join the community. Unless you are an international scholar, do not contact us. We will contact you.